• A Little Grit. A Lot of Polish

    INGASTOWN things are a little different. It's a full sensory experience... Anything but cookie cutter.

  • A Great Future In A Great Neighbourhood

    A constant buzz of activity; young and old; professional and artist; tourist and resident

In Gastown things are a little different

A unique identity of Vancouver is here. It's where a bold form of new is happening. It's a constant buzz of activity. A flood of people in and out. It's old brick and new fashion. Where designer sunglasses and hoodies comingle. Shawn Stussy meets John Fluevog.

Interlocking brick streets are tapped like piano keys by passing cars. Pigeons dine on crumbs and people dine on culinary masterpieces. It's a tourist selfie on one corner and a fashion magazine shoot on the other. And there's just enough greenery to keep the birds singing. And tattoos, you have to be okay with tattoos, there’s lots of tattoos...and bike racks.

Walkable and Friendly

Every restaurant a welcomed regular, every boutique a familiar face. Find your spot. A bench on the cobblestone. A frontandcentre table for 6, or a coffee in back. Gastown feels familiar. Urban yet intimate.

Truth is, this is an investor's sweet spot

An investor wants future returns, and the future here is rapidly happening. Whether the investment is for long term growth and rental revenue, or an investment in putting down roots and owning a home of one’s own, it makes sense.

Gastown is the city’s most rapidly changing area, the benefactor of a focus pushing east. Bringing more people, more business and more opportunity. It’s where past and present fuse. An urban centre with an expanding edge. History is proving it. Getting in now is crucial.


InGastown is a 9 storey building comprising 61 homes along with retail space on the first floor. Designed by Evoke International Design, the building mirrors the bold emergence of Vancouver's hottest neighborhood.

InGastown homes are simple, sophisticated, well planned, and located for growth. A great future in a great neighbourhood.

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